pachyderm wishes and elephantine dreams

So long. So so so long. But, I have returned to discuss arts and ponderings- I know, you're thrilled!

Living in Iowa while my entire workshop is in Texas is not a very good practice. I hope to change that at some point, but for now I will have to settle for sculpting when I visit my Dad.

I'm actually quite proud of myself, because on my last trip (my lady love and I went to visit) I was able to plan, assemble, and finish an entire sculpture. Whoo!

His name is Jorge W. Shrub, and I made him from rebar and scrap pieces of a steel plate. I didn't document the entire process as I generally do, but here he is in the early stages:

And here is is again, as a happy and healthy pachyderm:

This was done with a MIG welder and a 2 function saw, and complete labor time was roughly 6 hours.

I rather enjoy him. I have added some rubber padding under his feet, so he can sit on a surface without causing any damage- some of those edges are sharp!

That appears to be all for the time being, though I do have other projects (non-metal) in the works, and even a few which are close to completion. But for now, I believe I will continue planning my summer garden. Hooray for fresh produce!

Cheers, em