And so it begins.

Summer is approaching- which for me, means the time of year has arrived where I have access to my tools, and time to play with them! I believe this year I'd like to work on my Stick welding (or rather, Shielded metal arc welding). I can handle a TIG (wire feed) just fine, but where's the fun in only sticking to the simple stuff? I think I could do much more delicate work welding manually, with a smaller bead and thinner grooves. Or anyhow, I'd like to try.

I also used a bit of brazing on a piece recently, and absolutely loved the result- though I must admit, it's going to take me a bit to master! But I loved the look of the brass seams against the rebar, and definitely want to experiment some more.

I'm working on a few sketches right now, and will try to post them as they come together. Though that may be a bit, I may instead focus right now on technique talk. Perhaps, throw my ideas out into cyber-space and see what comes back.

^ Recent project, mixture of TIG and brazing.